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Akshaya is committed to helping the helpless, homeless, sick, elderly, mentally ill
and destitute in Madurai, India by providing healthy food, care, and opportunity
to rehabilitate in order to restore human dignity.

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Donate whatever you can whenever you can. There are also other ways you can support Akshaya Trust through volunteering or local action. We strongly urge all our supporters and donors to participate in their local communiites and live the mission of Mr. Krishnan by helping the helpless no matter who or where they may be.


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Explore the Akshaya USA web site and visit the Akshaya Trust website to keep up to date with their activities to help the homeless in Madurai, India. 

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Visit our facebook page to see what is happening at Akshaya Trust, Akshaya USA and the Akshaya Home. Share your thought with other Akshaya supporters and help spread the word about Akshaya.

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Welcome - வெள்கம்

Welcome to the Akshaya USA website. We are pleased you have taken the time to visit us, and hope your visit will be heart warming and informative.

We are a charitable organization with the sole purpose of providing a portal in the USA for all who would like to learn about and support Akshaya Trust in Madurai, India. Please spend a few minutes on our website and learn about the wonderful happenings at the Akshaya Home and how Akshaya Trust is bringing peace, joy and security to so many helpless people.

When a helpless destitute person is rescued from the streets of Madurai, India, by the team fromAkshaya Trust they hear "வெள்கம்" as they enter the Akshaya Home. It is a life changing word they will always remember. Being welcomed to the Akshaya Home means a helpless and forgotten person now has a safe and secure home, physical and emotional nourishment, professional care and many loving friends.

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Akshaya and Me  — A Resident's Perspective