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Akshaya Home – Tomorrow

Phase 2 - Construction Status

The addition of Phase 2 to the Akshaya Home will fill many important needs for the proper and efficient operation of the home. The primary need that will be fulfilled will be the addition of space for 300 more residents. The additional space will then give Akshaya the ability to provide gender specific residential space – Phase 1 will house 400 male residents and Phase 2 will house 300 female residents. This ratio closely matches the make up of the general homeless and destitute population of Maduari.

In addition to the residential space provided by Phase 2, Akshaya Home will have the additional capability to provide facilities for volunteers and visiting donors (Block 5), special rooms for old age care (Block 6), and observation rooms for the chronically disturbed.

1 Resident Dormitory 2,000 Late Sri. Sunder Khemlani 100
2 Resident Dormitory 3,000 Wellwisher 100
3 Resident Dormitory 2,000 Wellwisher 100
4 Resident Drmitory 2,000 THE ONE - Hong Kong Rotary 100
5 4 Rooms 1,000 Wellwisher 100
6 4 Rooms 1,000 Wellwisher 100
7 Dining Hall 1,500 The DiTomas Family 100
8 Common Toilet 1,000 Sri. Badri Ramanathan 100
9 4 Rooms 500 Sri. Badri Ramanathan 100
10 Portico & Elevation 1,500 Wellwisher 100
11 Security Room 100 Sri. Pravin Tandlay 100
12 Water Tank 10,000 Liters In Memory Of Brigadier Rajmohan Singh And Shakkuntala Devi. Sponsored By Their Children Lt. Gen. Bhopinder Singh, Digvijay Singh And Meenakshi Chauhan. 100
13 Sets Of Stairs 2 Wellwisher 100
14 Ramp 1 Sri. Badri Ramanathan 100
15 Connecting Corridors 4,000 Ft Wellwisher 100
16 Water Storage Sump 1 Sri. Badri Ramanathan 100
17 Drainage Tanks 2 Wellwisher 100
18 Compound Wall 1 Wellwisher 100
19 Grill Gates 4 Sri. Badri Ramanathan 100

Furnishing the Home

The construction of Akshaya Home Phase 2 is nearing completion, and the need to procure the many items that will be needed for the substantial increase in residents and the operation of the additional space is critical. Please view the list and see if there are items you may want to purchase in your name through a donation.

>>> View the Phase 2 Operational Needs list

Akshaya Home – Today

Akshaya Home opened its doors to the helpless and destitute people suffering on the streets of Madurai, India on May 9th, 2013. It was a wonderful spring day in the rural area outside of the bustle of Madurai but the true beauty of the day was the look of happiness in the faces of the first residents. Those first residents were finally enjoying the safety of living in a protected environment, three well prepared meals EVERY day, professional medical and emotional care, decent clean clothing and sleeping facilities, and the loving attention of the Akshaya Home staff and volunteers.

Now, three years later, we are housing approximately 430 well deserving residents that range in age from 20 to 87 years of age made up of 310 males and 120 females. All of these people have been rescued from the dire conditions of existing on the streets of Madurai and as such have many physical and mental health issues that must be addressed. As an example our current population is afflicted with the following maladies (among others):

# of Residents
Physically handicapped 20
Visually impaired 6
Bed-ridden 10
Mentally handicapped 10
Scabies 17
Skin disease 15


Although it isn't required of the residents, many choose to participate in the operation of the Akshaya Home. These tasks vary significantly depending on the desires and skills of the resident. Examples include helping with housekeeping, laundry, food service, gardening and landscaping, facilities maintenance, and helping fellow residents. This is a great help to Akshaya and has great theraputic value in resident rehabilitation.

While it gives us great pleasure to be able to extend loving care to the current 430 residents, it is impossible to ignore the countless other destitute people that need our help. When Krishnan planned the original phase of the Akshaya Home construction he projected that within five years of the home's opening he would start construction of a second phase. Within a few months of the initial opening of Akshaya Home, which was planned to hold 400 residents, there were close to 500 deserving souls housed under its roofs. The initial activities for the construction of Phase 2 were immediately put into action.

We currently house 430 residents and are in the process of contructing Phase 2 of the Akshaya home. Such an endeavour takes a lot of hard planning and work, and substantial funds. Krishnan, Akshaya Home staff, and the construction team are working hard to have Phase 2 opened as early as the end of September, 2016. Our donors provided most of the needed funding – a total of $450,000 for Phase 2 construction.