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Donate Quickly & Securely Online

Paypal accepts most major credit cards.


You can also donate online through Network for Good or JustGive.org by clicking the images below.

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Mailing a Check

Please make checks out to Akshaya USA and include a mailing address and/or email address on your check so we can send you your receipt for tax deductions. Mail it to:

Akshaya USA
17359 East Caley Place
Aurora, Colorado 80016

How to Gift Eqities – Stocks, Bonds, etc.

You can gift equities by initiating their transfer through the holder of the equities to the Akshaya USA account at Fidelity Investments using these details:

DTC# 0226
Account# Z69-216542

Visit the Fidelity website by clicking here or call Fidelity Investments at 800-343-3548 if you have any questions.

Company Matching Contributions

Many companies have a matching contribution program for donations you make. Check with your HR representative today to see if your company will match your gift to Akshaya USA.

Thank you for helping

Akshaya USA is making large strides in helping the helpless of Madurai, India. It is because of kind hearts like yours that we can continue to make a difference. We can't do it without your help, so please make a donation — large or small — we appreciate it all.

Donations can be made in many forms. Read on to find the best way for you to make a donation. We thank you so much for your generousity. If you can't make a donation and still want to help, you can become a volunteer!

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Management of Donors' Gifts

Akshaya Trust and Akshaya USA are managed by a team of hightly dedicated volunteers.We the meaning of the word Trust in our name withgreat seriousness. As a result we are very efficient in using a high percentage of the donors' money for the intended beneficiaries. The breakdown of all expenses to be updated.


This level of efficiency significantly helps us feed approximately 450 deserving people three meals a day and make notable progress in the construction of the Akshaya Home.