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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Akshaya USA a 501(c)3 org? Are donations tax deductible?

Akshaya USA is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization registered in the USA. Our EIN# is 27-2935308. Akshaya's Helping in H.E.L.P. Trust (Akshaya Trust) is a non-profit charitable organization registered in India.

Does Akshaya USA send out Donation receipts?

Akshaya USA sends donation receipts for all donations made directly to Akshaya USA, using email as much as possible. All donations made via PayPal will receive e-receipts directly from PayPal. If you send a check without an email address you will get a paper receipt mailed to you. Please make sure your correct address is on the check. If you don't get a donation receipt please email us at info@akshayausa.org.

When making donations through other causes such as Network For Good and Just Give, please obtain your donation receipt from that organization.


Who is Akshaya USA  how are they related to Akshaya Trust India?

Akshaya USA provides support for Akshaya Trust in Madurai, India. This support includes but is not limited to managing donations and spreading the awaredness of Narayanan Krishnan's vision and mission.

Does Akshaya have any religious affiliations?

Akshaya USA and Akshaya Trust are non-religious, non-race, non-political based organizations. Our only "affiliation" is with the abandoned, helpless, destitute members of the human race.

Does Akshaya USA have an office and paid staff?

Akshaya USA is operated by three unpaid volunteers from their homes. The volunteers freely give their time and enerby to fulfill the goals of supporting Akshaya Trust in the United States.

What are akshaya USA's administrative Expenses?

--- To be updated with 2015 data. ---

The Directors who are volunteers as well as donors are very sensitive to the importance of the funds we are responsible for, and therefore are very judicious in their disbursement.