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Street Food In Madurai

While the opening of the Akshaya Home has been a virtual miracle for those destitute people rescued from the streets of Madurai, there are still many unfortunate destitute people struggling to survive. The opening of the home has given Akshaya an efficient place to prepare and serve nurishing meals to the residents but it also means the serving of meals on the streets has to be curtailed due to limited resources of money and staff.

Not willing to totally abandon those not living in the Akshaya Home, Krishnan and the Akshaya staff continue to provide limited feeding on the streets of Madurai. They can provide one one meal twice a week due to limited funds and the time it takes to prepare and deliver the meals to Madurai. The cost of preparing one meal for approximately 300 people is $150 US.

Krishnan feeding man

The limited food service to Madurai also reduces Akshaya's opportunities to seek out potential people that are most desperate to be rescued and brought to the Akshaya Home.

Krishnan feeding lady

The Menu

The food prepared by Akshaya Trust follows recipes that are traditional in Madurai as well as many other parts of India. They include:

  • Idli — A tasty cake usually about 9 cm in diameter and made by steaming fluffy dough of fermented rice and lentils. It is a traditional and healthy morning meal, especially in southern India.
  • Pongal — Lentils are dry-roasted and steam cooked with rice. Fat, including cooking oil, and clarified butter are heated. Curry leaves, chopped ginger bits, pepper, cumin seed, and salt are added. The cooked rice lentil mixture is added and thoroughly mixed.
  • Upma — Cooked semolina seasoned with green chili, curry leaves and ginger. Vegetables may be added.
  • Oothappam — Made with an idli-like dough but instead of steaming it is oil roasted. Vegetables may be added.
  • Dosai — A crepe made from fermented rice and lentils. A typical south Indian dish served for breakfast or dinner.
  • Biryani — A dish of great variety, often rice cooked with a lot of vegetables.
  • Parotta — A layered flatbread of India cooked in a frying pan using edible oils.
  • Roti — A flatbread often made with wheat flour.
  • Sambar — A sauce prepared with tamarind, lentil, chili powder and fenugreek powder. Vegetables are cooked in the sauce.

Meals at Akshaya Home

The road to rehabilitation for the residents can be very difficult as well as emotionally and physically painful. A foundation for their recovery is good nutrition which, under Krishnan's guidance. is well provided at the Akhsaya Home.

Fresh, quality foods are purchased daily and prepared according to local custom and tastes. Preparation is done by a combination of staff and volunteering residents. The involvement in the operation of Akshaya Home by willing residents helps the rehabilitation of the residents as well as instilling a sense of community in all involved.

Krishnan Feeding

Dining requires more than one sitting and it has been determined that having seperate genders at each sitting results in the highest level of harmony during the meals. As with the food preparation, the food is served by staff and resident volunteers.

Good nutrition is paramount to the health of the residents – it is not an option. It is also a substantial part of the operating costs for the Akshaya Home. Three healthy meals a day for 450 residents costs approximately $1,000 US. It is through the generosity of our donors that we are able to fulfill this important service to the residents of Akshaya Home.